Trail Cameras That Send Pictures To Your Phone

For any hunter, trail cameras seem to be their indispensable tools. Why? With such the equipment, they find it easy to survey the land while even keeping track of animals in the area although they are not around here.

However, a small weakness of these trail cameras is that users must physically interact with the camera in order to retrieve the photos taken from it. Thanks to modern technology in wireless communications, everything becomes easier to view pictures stored on certain trail cameras without a need to physically access them. What we want to mention is a wireless trail camera, or a cellular trail camera, which uses a cellular network to transmit pictures to a viewing device.

After all, time is valuable and you have no reason to waste it while it is totally possible to gain what you want, with a little research. Keep reading to get more information about our best choice for trail cameras that send pictures to your phone.

Top 5 Best Trail Cameras That Send Pictures To Your Phone

  1. Bigfoot 3G Camera

Bigfoot 3G Camera is the first product on the go-to list in which its excellent performance leaves every user with a happy face. Its function is wonderful by sending photos to your email after they appear in the camera. The process is simple but awe-inspiring: Monitor the field -> take pictures whenever it detects movement -> send all to your email. Sounds great, right? If necessary, you are able to put in a maximum daily photo amount so as to save on data.

With an SD card included, you simply connect to the AT&T cellular network and let the rest of the “hunting” magic to the device. When it comes to phones, just use the one that has internet and email. Especially, more than one phone can be used with the same email.


  • Affordability
  • Highly compatible with multiple phones
  • Cheapest cellular trail camera from data
  • standpoint
  •  Comes with a FREE preloaded SIM card (for one month of taking photos)
  • Has the fast recovery time for photos
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Inexpensive


  • Poor quality of nighttime photos

  1. CreativeXP 4G Cellular Trail Cameras

Even though the CreativeXP 4G Cellular Trail Camera has just launched, its new features, as well as the included Lifetime Warranty, go beyond desire, making it hard to beat.  The reason why it has been added to our list is that the camera achieves the remarkable online rating and reviews by users. What to expect from the full package? Actually, tree mount, strap, 32 Gb SD card, and SIM card are everything you need to receive photos and videos through email. Furthermore, setting it up requires a little effort.

he device also comes with a FREE SimHero card. With this preloaded card, you have permission to access to up to 500 photos within a 30-day free trial period. Then, the paid period allows you to select the favorite plan from the SimHero options, up to 1500 photos with $8/month. To view any captured image, you can either use emails or simply any U.S. phone.

Besides, let CreativeXP Trail Cam shines itself with the 0.35 seconds trigger, 56 No Glow IR LEDs, 75 ft daytime motion range, 110-degree PIR angle, as well as the ability to record and send Full HD 12MP Photos and 1080P Videos.

You will not know the effectiveness of 12 AA batteries or an external battery included in the package unless you try giving it a hand. It is convenient not only for the hunting hobby but also for security. The reason is that you can receive both instant photos and videos on your email without time wasted!


  • Easy to install and use.
  • A FREE SIMHERO CARD is included (uses AT&T cell towers)
  • Enjoys the superb wireless surveillance
  • A high 0.35 Sec trigger speed allows you to take up to 5 photos per set.
  • Wonderful video/photo settings to ensure the optimal functionality
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Makes hunting easier


  • No remote access available to the camera’s settings.

  1. Wireless Trail Camera Snyper Commander 4G LTE – Cellular Trail Camera

Another wireless trail camera that requires AT&T wide 3G network coverage is Wireless Trail Camera Snyper Commander 4G LTE. Not only this is a trail camera that sends pictures to your phone in a short convenient time, but it also has the modern wireless technology as well as 56 amazing blacked out LEDs for the nighttime flash feature. As a result, there is no need to spook any animal, just like what the white-flash or red-flash LEDs are prone to do. Feel excited, right?

Of course, the presence of its fast 0.4-second trigger speed is outstanding itself, which allows you to take up to 5 multi-shot excellent quality photos and videos. It shoots 1080P HD videos while its picture resolution maybe even set to as high as 12 megapixels.

Are you a newbie? Let’s reduce the stress about how to set up and use a YouTube tutorial available to watch so that using the Snyper Hunting Wireless Trail Camera becomes an easier experience.


  • 4G LTE transfer speeds
  • Decent night pictures
  • Great daytime photos
  • Reasonable minimum monthly plan
  • Extra-long detection and flash range
  • Quality game camera images


  • Poor waterproofing

  1. HCO SG580M IR Wireless Camera

Although being launched several years ago, HCO SG580M IR Wireless Camera still gets much attention from those who are in a budget but still want to have one wireless camera. And it is certainly a one-of-its-kind piece that you will truly love having. The trail camera not only sends pictures but also videos to your phone.

Its impressive point is the no-glow flash, which allows the picture quality to be captured at 5 megapixels even at night. What strongly draws our heart is its ultra-good battery under standby mode. Moreover, the external battery is also able to connect to six volts sources. For many users, the camera works well as a charm.  Great cameras, great photos, and videos!

Not to mention, installing it right is important, too. Features are not so fantastic and amazing, but enough.


  • 1.5-second trigger speed
  • Multi-zone of PIR lens with the aim of increasing sensitivity
  • Built-in color display that gives the colorful and precise photos
  • Send photos, files or video through the cellular network
  • Low standby power consumption.


  • Low-quality images and video

  1. Spypoint Link-Evo-V Cellular Trail Camera with Mount

Okay, let’s end the list with the Spypoint Link-Evo Cellular Trail Camera although you can do more research to find your best fit. The camera comes with a 12MP resolution while its 0.3-second trigger speed is truly remarkable. That means users can eventually capture high-quality images in each trigger and then filter for their favorite ones. For the night pictures, it uses 42 powerful LEDs that function to a distance of up to 80 Ft.

Recognize pre-activated SIM cards for FREE? It facilitates the transmission of photos to your phone. After the card and the camera are ready with 4G, sharing pictures will become highly efficient and super-fast. Using the service requires you to have an active Spypoint plan, which totally depends on what you like. In general, a basic package permits you to access 250 Photos while you can enjoy unlimited photos with the premium one.

SPYPOINT trail camera is also protected by the 2-year warranty. That means your device can be either repaired or replaced at its sole discretion during this 2 year period.


  • 4G fast photo transmission
  • 12MP image resolution
  • A high trigger speed of only 0.3 seconds
  • Supports the SD card of up to 32GB
  • A SIM CARD within free 30-day plan
  • 8 AA batteries
  • The Buck Tracker antler recognition technology that helps to sort images of buck


  • Sometimes, it does not communicate well with the phone app.

Final Verdict

 So, do you find your desired trail camera that sends pictures to your phone from the above list? But, please find out your purposes of using the trail cameras first, such as home security, hunting, wildlife discovery, or castle observing. Whether what your selection is, it is better to buy after referring to our recommendations as above. Carefulness will prevent you from wasting money and time. Believe us!