Top 4 Best RV Water Pump 2019 On The Market

To go camping within the comforts of an RV is what many people desire. From electricity to heating sources, the RV got everything. Your camping experience will be much enjoyable if all the RV systems work as intended. And among them, the water pump is an important component. If you want to stay hydrated on the trip and clean yourself, a good water pump is a must. Want to look for one? Well, you are in luck. This article will show you the best RV water pump you can find around.

Bringing racks of water bottles on a camping trip is expensive and inconvenient. This is when the water pump comes in. Its job is to take the water from the RV tank and transport it to your use. Both the water flow and associated pressure will be decided by the pump itself. When the tank runs low, it takes a quality to pump to get the water out. So to put it short, the water pump allows you to consume water from the RV tank. The functions of the RV water facilities rely heavily on the pump as well.

Features of a water pump that you need to consider

Nothing is perfect, it’s also applied here too. Through all the below product, some of them exceed at certain fields while appear to be lackluster at others. Naturally, it finally comes down to your decision. Consider their pros and cons then determine which one can better fit your preferences. Also in certain conditions, one may prove to be the superior choice compared to the rest. Take all of that into account before you make up your mind. Now, let’s go ahead and check our specification.

There are 3 criteria of an RV water pump that you need to check: The ease of installation, the quietness of the motor and the Gallons Per Minute (GPM). These will help you to decide if this is worth purchasing or not. The pumps in this article will also be presented along with this information for you to inspect.

Top 4 best RV Water Pump 2018 and 2019

SHURFLO 4008-101-A65

    • Installing difficulty: Very easy
    • Noise of motor operation: Normal
  • GPM: 3.0

If you want something that is basic and durable, this is the pump for you. Pumping 3 gallons of water every minute, this machine achieves that flow rate with little noise. Employed one-piece diaphragm construction with internal bypass, this device can last for years within your RV. There is no need for any piping change when you install it so the installment is simple. The pump also has thermal protection, this means you can run it dry all the times.


    • It’s a very quiet pump
    • The flow of water is fast and even at 3 GPM
    • It utilizes efficient internal bypass low – cycling
  • The pump is thermally protected


    • The plastic housing part can break which can lead to leakage
  • The water pull could have been done better

Remco Aquajet RV Series

    • Installing difficulty: Easy
    • Noise of motor operation: Slightly loud
  • GPM: 5.3

The state – of – art pump with automatic control on water flow, you can hardly get anything more modern. You can freely adjust the speed of the flow whatever you want with the water fixture. With the 5 – valve feature, it can offer two times the pressure and the flow compared to other pumps. Equipped with the 5 – chamber design, this Remco product can pump out a lot of water. It pretty much one of the best pumps on the market.


    • Able to withstand pressure drop
    • Can modify the water speed automatically
    • Possess 5-chamber design
  • Can be shut off at 85 PSI


    • May make some noise in operation
  • There are complaints that it doesn’t work well in low – flow mode

Seaflo Water Diaphragm Self Priming Pump

    • Installing difficulty: Normal
    • Noise of motor operation: Very low
  • GPM: 2.8

Want something that is absolutely quiet? Look no further since it’s here. While the pump did have slightly lower GPM, it can hardly be noticeable for RV use. To compensate that, you can customize it up to your taste.  Hence, the pump is a fairly versatile product. And the obvious advantage is its low noise. If you are 5 or 6 feet away from the pump, you can barely hear anything. The self-priming feature is also appreciated. It means the pump can prime itself even if the tank is 6 feet under it.


    • The price is affordable
    • It got a tough construction.
    • The noise it made is low so it won’t wake you up in the middle of the night.
  • You can run it dry


    • The pump connectors tend to leak. Secure it with Teflon tape as a precaution
  • Pay attention to the outlet to see if it is perfectly aligned.

Shurflo 2088-594-154, 2088 Series

    • Installing difficulty: Normal
    • Noise of motor operation: Loud
  • GPM: 3

Another pump from Shurflo, this is one is made to last. Among the pumps shown in this article, you can say that this is the only pump made with industrial standards. With a check valve to prevent backflow and pressure switch, you can hold the initiative in adjusting the water flow. Everything is made with high – quality material so the pump is both strong and effective.


    • It will take a very long time till you see it breaks down. That is just how tough and durable the pump is
    • There is no trouble fitting this pump into a rain catching system
  • The pressure is stable even when multiple faucets are in use.


  • It’s very loud. Probably the loudest among it lines.

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Above are the most notable RV water pumps you can find for your vehicle. If you can select an appropriate pump, your camping trip on the RV should be a smooth and trouble-free experience. And all you need to do is to check out the products listed here/ Then pick out what you think is the best RV water pump  Finally, just install it into your RV and get ready for an exciting trip.

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