Reese Weight Distribution Hitch

Want to purchase a large trailer which is towed by your truck or SUV? Being in need of a more stable way to drive your boat trailer, horse trailer, or even mobile home? At that time, a high-quality weight distributing hitch should be taken into consideration.

In fact, a lot of drivers put a little attention on such equipment. However, if you are the one who spends plenty of time on the road, it should be a significant investment. The purpose of the best weight distribution hitch is to ensure that the towing vehicle experiences a balanced and smooth ride on the street. That means everything becomes easier and greater to tow to the maximum weight capacity of the trailer hitch without caring about the vehicle sagging or problems.

As this equipment plays an important role in keeping you safe while out on the road, you will certainly want to do a little research on them before making a final decision. There are a lot of options in the market, so we have narrowed it down. Luckily, in this article, we will provide you with a glance at the advanced towing systems through some of the best Reese Weight Distribution Hitches. Keep reading now!

Top 5 best Reese Weight Distribution

  1. Pro Series Reese 49902 Complete Round Bar Weight Distribution Kit


Let’s start the list with the first option built by a notable brand, namely the Pro Series Reese 49902 kit. Why it is our top choice? This is one of the most effective weight distribution hitches out there with the affordable price. The complete kit has everything you need for your towing improvement. Don’t forget a limited lifetime warranty, which is necessary when it comes to issues or problems at some point.

The friction sway control with noticeable stability is amazing. To eliminate the trailer sway, it is smart to pre-install and torque the sway control ball for use straightaway. Meanwhile, parts are heavy on their own, which are definitely made of solid steel.

According to many experts, the model offers unbelievable value for money. Although its limitations come around the GTW and TW, this is to be expected for such budget option.


  • Gross Trailer Weight is 10,000 LBS in which Tongue Weight is 750 LBS.
  •  Fabricated head and welded hitch bar
  •  Friction sway control unit
  •  Easy to install with the detailed instructions
  •  Limited lifetime warranty


  • Poor design
  •  Some parts can be missed in the package

  1. Reese Strait-Line (66074) 1,200 lb Trunnion Style Weight Distribution Kit


For us, the dual high performance sway is what gives us an unhesitating “Yes” because it keeps the trailer sway being stopped before starting. Both your tow vehicle and trailer can enjoy a level ride, with the harmonious combination of powder-coated, steel, flexible, Trunnion spring bars.

You must buy the shank separately, yet this can become a huge benefit. That’s because it is possible to customize the size to exactly match the height of your receiver which may be a big challenge with other options.

While the price is totally reasonable, the hitch not only gives you the desired control, but it is also very easy to install and adjust. Besides, the sway is highly controlled by the dual-cam high-performance system. That means, the strong sway will be stopped by this wonderful system.

The weight distribution hitch is self-centered and fully automated. Best of all, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures the equipment’s durability.


  • Adjustable spring bar tension
  •  A raised and forged ball platform is included in the head assembly,
  •  Achieving the expected tilt becomes easier
  •  Dual sway control cams
  •  Limited lifetime warranty
  •  Allows for backing up
  •  Self-centering


  • The shank is sold separately
  •  NOT fit on the trailer frames which are wider than 2” -1/2”

  1. Reese 66130 Wd Hi Perf 1500# W/Hitch Bar

Reese 66130 Wd Hi Perf 1500

The 66130 considered as one of the modern-day Reese Weight Distribution Hitches. Wonder the reason? In fact, it uses many different developing technologies to deliver the smoothest and most balanced towing experience. However, it is important to keep in mind that this model does not fit any trailer frame of up to 2-1/2 inches.

Your impression will be drawn to the fact that this travel trailer weight distribution hitch is totally able to tow a trailer of even up to 15,000 LBS with a tongue weight of even up to 1,500 LBS. Thanks to such excellent lift capacity, a heavy trailer is perfectly stabilized without any problem.

Interestingly, its operation is quiet with few noise. Like Reese Strait-Line (66074), you must buy a shank separately as the kit does not include it at all. Best of all, how to install the model is not hard because the U-bolts with this kit are unnecessary. These features do make it one of the top weight distribution hitch travel trailer for buying.


  • Smooth and calm operation
  •  Durable and long-lasting
  •  An effective weight distribution hitch for very heavy trailers
  •  U-bolts is unnecessary for installation


  • NO hit ball and shanks.

  1. Pro Series Reese 49903 Wd Rb 1000# W/Sway


As other normal users, we all want to enjoy an affordable decent quality hitch with a tight budget, right? So, you will not go wrong with this Pro Series Reese 4993. So, what is it different from the Pro Series Reese 49902?

High performance and safe towing are its first strengths that surely secure the drivers’ concerns. Thanks to the pre-installed sway control, there is no need to spend hours in balancing your hitch and your tow vehicle specifications. The model’s balls and the sway control are all pre-torqued, making it easy to use with either the U-Bolts or chains.

Did you know that the product is rated as the sixth best-selling weight distribution hitch on Amazon? That’s why it widely attracts the users’ attention at the first time. The complete kit stimulates your interest for sure, such as hitch ball, sway control ball, 10-year limited warranty, friction sway control and mounting hardware, etc.

Finally, the presence of a rivet and washers allows users to adjust the tilt of the head so as to fit the needs of their particular trailer.


  • Provides the safety and improved towing, with the high-quality performance
  •  A limited warranty of 10 years
  •  Includes the hitch balls and the sway control
  •  Fabricated head and hitch bar for lasting performance


  • The short bar length.

  1. Reese Towpower 66067 Heavy Duty Weight Distributing Hitch


Our other recommendation is the Reese Towpower 66067 Weight Distributing Hitch that offers the smoother and more leveled riding safety. Feel worried about the installation of the hitch? It is easy with the help of the instructional guide included. Simply make some tweaking changes of the snap-up bracket, bar tension, shank, and tilt to achieve the excellent hitch position. It is good to know that it is perfectly designed to apply leverage for the heavy loads.

After installing the model, you quickly recognize a major difference in your overall driving controls, ranging from less sudden bounces due to bumps and higher level of control, to steady braking. Surprisingly, a powerfully durable snap-up tool as well as shim are also included in this best weight distribution hitch.

After all, connecting this equipment to any trailer or other movable vehicles can create the drastic driving control changes, while still ensuring the overall awe-inspiring performance and highly quality for years.


  • Applies leverage for the heavier loads
  •  Gives a more level ride
  •  Durability is ensured
  •  Enhances the towing safety
  •  Simple installation


  •  No hitch bar

Final Verdict

So, what do you feel? The weight distribution hitch is truly a must-have for those who own a trailer and want to connect it with their trucks while keeping safe on the travel road. With the support of this modem, your trailer will be safely stabilized. Furthermore, it can even help you to save gas over the long run so that the driving becomes more efficient. That’s why we hope that our review about the top Reese Weight Distribution Hitches can help.

In case you have still not found a model that meets your need through this above list, it is highly recommended to do more research, plan ahead, and take time with purchasing a preferred weight distribution hitch. All in all, your travel driving will be much more enjoyable with this product!

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