Portable Charcoal BBQ Grill

If you are interested in a small charcoal grill but don’t want or are unable to buy one, you can always build your own. One of the greatest benefits of charcoal grills is their simplicity, and this simplicity makes it easy to make one yourself.  There are numerous ways you can build your own charcoal grill. Here is a basic description of a standard way to make your own grill.

portable charcoal bbq grill

One of the best options on the market for a portable charcoal grill is the Cob Premier Portable Grill. It is a nice looking grill that is made from stainless still and is very sturdy. One of the best things about this grill is that it is built so the outside metal is not hot to the touch, meaning you can pick it up and move it around without any worries. The other feature that I found extremely useful is the grease trap that it comes with. Basically, this steers away run off grease into a separate pan, preventing the barbeque from flaring up. It is easy to take apart, meaning cleaning is simple, which is a real plus when you are out camping. It is also very lightweight at just under 12 pounds.

One of the other major selling features is the claim that it can run on eight charcoal briquettes for three hours. I found that it worked a bit better with 10 briquettes for the extra heat, but you can certainly do it with eight. Because of the set-up of the grill, it is easy to get the charcoal lit and burning.

The other unique thing about this Cob Portable Grill is there are many accessories that you can purchase to go with it, such as a skillet, rotisserie, smoker box, etc). Although these add a significant amount to the price, they can really come in handy if you are camping and you want a little variety on what you can cook.

There are no real downsides to this barbeque, other than the fact that it is quite a small charcoal grill. You can cook about 4 small steaks on it, or two really big ones. This may not be big enough if you are cooking for more than 2-4 people, or if you want to prepare a massive feast for two. Also, it is a fairly pricey grill, as it costs somewhere around the $100 mark.

In general, if you’re looking for a high-end portable charcoal bbq, this makes a great option. However, if it’s not quite what your looking for, try checking out our portable charcoal grill reviews.

Once you´ve chosen your portable charcoal grill, you will need to buy a few accessories to go with it. When you ´re in the store, you will realize you could spend a ton of money on accessories, and it can be difficult to choose which are the most useful.   Whether you have a small charcoal grill or a large one, the following will give you a general idea on what you need.

One of the most important things you can buy to accompany grill will be a barbeque lighter. A regular lighter or matches will just make things difficult, especially if it is windy or rainy outside. To accompany your barbeque lighter, you can buy a charcoal chimney, which makes lighting charcoal much easier.

You will also need to buy charcoal. Basically, the best charcoal is the purest charcoal. Don´t buy any easy light charcoals because they have chemicals added that will add a bad taste to your food. To move the charcoal around, and get ride of it when you are finished, you should get a small charcoal shovel. This makes moving the charcoal very easy.

It is very important to keep your portable charcoal grill clean, especially because you will be carrying it around. Be sure to buy a decent grill brush, so you can properly clean the grill after cooking. A small brush works best for a portable grill, but make sure the bristles are sturdy.

While cooking, you will need a pair of tongs or a spatula to move your food, and to flip it. Some of the cheaper tongs available are difficult to close, and make it hard to pick up the food. Make sure to test them first, so you know they will work well.

This is a list of the most basic accessories you need to bring with you. After using your grill a few times, you will probably think of some other useful things. However, be careful, because the more stuff you buy, the more you have to carry around!

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