Top 10 Most Important Survival Items On A Camping Trip

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Top 10 most important survival items on a camping trip

Camping is indeed a fun and relaxing activity but the only way to enjoy it to fullest is to prepare properly beforehand. From supplies to tools, a correct load out of item should make the trip comfortable and memorable to all participants. In the case that you are relatively new to camping, you may have a lot of question regarding the stuff to bring. Of course, you cannot take everything you like without thinking it through. Should you in need of recommendations then you come to the right place. Down below are ten most important survival items on a camping trip. Check them out and see if you like the idea behind them.

Of course, people needs and requirements vary a lot from one to the other. Some of the items listed here could appear really useful to you but you might feel the others are quite redundant. Making modifications to the recommended loadout is totally fine as long as you think it’s absolutely necessary. Depend on the duration of the trip and the camping environment, it’s best to stay flexible instead of being rigid. With that being said, let take a closer look at the items along with their purposes.

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Top 10 most important survival items

1. Survival knife

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Compact and versatile, you can use a knife for a variety of task from cutting tope to batoning and more. While the machete is formidable and powerful, you will be able to get by with a reliable survival knife by your side. Use the knife right and you should have no trouble fabricating additional tools and parts as the situation requires. You should go after fixed blade knives, they are stronger than foldable knives because they don’t have movable components. In the case you want something for light duty tasks or a backup then a foldable knife is probably adequate for the job.

Keep your knife cleaned, should you ever feel that it’s dulled then promptly sharpen the blade right away. Dulled tools are dangerous to handle because you have to use lots of force to cut through things which might end badly.

2. Navigation equipment

Map, compass, GPS and so on are items that could help you find your way around in the wilderness.  The last thing you want to experience on a camping trip is to get lost with nothing to guide you out. These items weigh little and rather limited in dimension so you are able to carry them very easy.

3. First aid kit

A simple scratch can worsen rather fast unless you treat it properly. You don’t have to go after high-level stuff, all you need are gauze, disinfectant, painkiller, band-aid, scissor and gloves.  They are available at virtually every drug store.

4. Paracord

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A couple rolls of Paracord is really useful when you want to assemble a shelter or tools with on-hand materials.  You should prepare at least two sections of cord with a minimum combined length of six meters. Lightweight cords are excellent but pay attention the quality

5. Lighter

You definitely need to start a fire to keep your body warm or cook your food. A lighter is a simple way to accomplish this without wasting too much effort. Since a lighter operation is quite simple, it should work no matter how rough you handle them.

6. Changes of clothes

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Your clothes must be suitable for the camping environment but you also have to prepare changes of clothes too. Wearing wet or unhygienic clothes is greatly ill-advised unless you want to risk getting sick in the middle of nowhere. Prioritize synthetic fabric since it’s easy to wash and dry rather fast

7. Water purification tablet

Drinkable water is a necessity that hard to come by in the outdoors, especially if you have to travel through inhabitable lands. When the main water supply is completely consumed, you will have to look for another source along the way. Yet there is no way to be sure that the waters in ponds and river are safe to drink. You are unable to detect harmful microorganism in the waters with your bare eyes and that is when purification tablets come in handy. Put a few packets of tablets in your backpack so you could obtain drinkable water later on.

8. Communication Device

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There are a lot of things which could happen on a camping trip, some of them you could not take care on your own. Having a communication device to contact outside assistance is crucial in such situation. A cell phone is usually adequate but in the case you have no service, consider getting a radio. You can use it to contact help and make your presence know. A whistle is nice as well to notify people of your location when they are getting close. If you are handy with a mirror then you can use it to signal aircrafts in the vicinity.

9. Illumination

While the lighter is excellent to start a fire but for illumination on the move, you better have a flashlight or headlamp. Pack spare batteries and you will able to see clearly where you are going when it gets dark. Many of the recent models come with a strobe mode that allows them to function much longer than normal. Or if you don’t depend too much on electric devices then a mobile lantern is probably more suitable to your taste.

10. Cookware            

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If you want to have hot meals and warm drinks, your cookware choice is an important factor.  Never bring bulky stuff unless you have a huge camping party. Keep in mind that you have to carry everything by yourself so avoid overloading at all cost. Should you have no idea how to put together a suitable set then just head to the store. There are portable mess kits available for purchase which provide you with pan, pot, spork and alike. They are innovatively combined into a single unit for ease of transport but you can take them apart in a blink of an eye.

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And that is some of the most important survival items you should have on a camping trip, pretty straightforward, right? Going into the wilderness unprepared is a recipe for disaster so plan your inventory in advance. Use the information above as references to create the most suitable load out for your trip.

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