Best Pop Up Campers You Can Find On The Market

You are about to go on an overnight camping trip and consider what you need to have. Foods, blankets, supplies….Everything you need is here already. But you don’t really enjoy setting up a tent and spending a night or two in it. So what is your option for a place to sleep in here? Well you can get yourself a pop-up camper. It’s more comfortable than a tent while remains affordable compared to a full-size RV. And if you want to check out the best pop up campers lately, this article will be helpful.

For those who don’t know much about pop-up camper, it’s pretty much a towed RV trailer. Pop-up camper offers a considerable interior space with many functions. This makes it a solid choice compared to a tent, especially when you don’t need to assemble it from scratch. However, there is a lot of pop-up camper models on the market that may make you feel confused. Lucky for you, below is information about popular pop-up campers. Read through them and see if any suit your taste.

2017 Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

If you need a versatile and compact product then you can find it right here. Jayco trailer provides you with lots of options for your pop up camper. There are 5 core compartments: The lifter, the bed, the room, the frame and the floor.  All features are removable and can be changed to adapt new environments. You can hardly find another product that proved to be both rugged and agile like this one. Almost anything can be modified to better suit your need and preferences.

  • Pros

It’s a very space efficient product that provides numerous convenient in a rather small size. You can find and pack whatever you need inside the trailer with little trouble. The trailer rods and frames systems utilize coating protective to minimize corrosion. This trailer floor is also water resistant. And the lifter system is quite simple to use yet very reliable. Ventilation is also excellent with a roof vent that brings additional airflow from the outside into the trailer. For the contingency option, electric brakes are present.

  • Cons

The trailer may take quite some time to get used to. There are issues that you need to pay attention to from handling the rods to securing the fabric. Cleaning this product inside out will also be a time – consuming process. While you can get an electric lifter, it’s considered to be an optional feature and it will cost you extra. Setting up this trailer manually won’t be too difficult though.

Aliner – NewPort: One of best pop up campers

Is mobility your top priority? Then this pop-up camper from Aliner Classic will be a wise choice. Made from tough yet lightweight materials, this thing only weighs 1,150 lbs (Around 520 kilos). This means you can maneuver and handle this in any fashion you see fit. Its ability to endure the weathers and environments is also impressive. The deploying process can be said to very simple and quick as well. Features such as toilet or outside shower are also provided, along with a considerable storage space.

  • Pros

Due to the fact that it’s light, you can tow it around very easy. The product also comes with commodities already installed such as fridges and microwave. The product has been constructed to last a long time under constant exposure to the outdoor atmosphere. The walls and floors are well insulated so the temperature is stable within the trailer.

  • Cons

The sleeping capacity is somewhat limited compared other products. While not really fragile, the trailer may be damaged if you don’t handle it with care. Some features are optional so you may have to spend more to get everything you need.

Best Pop up camper

New 2017 Somerset Newport

Livin Lite – QuickSilver Tent Campers

Looking something that can literally fit on the back of your truck? Look no further since it’s here. The QuickSiler pop-up camper from Livin Lite can be neatly attached to the truck back portion with no problem.  Not like anyone can invest a heavy duty truck to tow the pop up camper around. That is how QuickSilver comes into life. Made from aluminum and flexible frames, you can set it up and put it away without breaking a sweat.

Best Pop-up campers

Livin Lite – QuickSilver Tent Campers

  • Pros

Small and compact are the main strength of this product. It was produced with simplicity in mind. The choice of aluminum instead of steel or wood guarantees a durable built yet still remain light. Features included in the product can be converted to serve other purposes in mere minutes without any preparation. The straight forward design permits a relatively simple deployment and withdrawal method.

  • Cons

While it did employ high – quality material, this pop-up camper lightness may make people question its durability. You may also need some time to learn how to orderly set it up. And securing the trailer interior before moving is a must. If you hit a bump when you tow this then there will be a lot of shakes since the trailer is light.  

Coachmen – Clipper Express

If you desire a comfortable experience and prepare to spend, Coachmen got just the thing for you. The Clipper Express model is advanced, tough and equipped with anything you may need. Every feature can be altered or replaced to meet your preferences. The primary commodities consist of a shower, a toilet, a stove – Pretty much fulfill your basic requirements. The middle storage space can be used to store anything extra thing you want to bring on the trip.

Best Pop up campers

An old Coachmen – Clipper Express

  • Pros

The model employs N – Lock on the bed setup and frames which them rather easy to use and handle. The manufacturer also gives this pop-up camper an aerodynamic profile that allows simple transportation. It’s also quite versatile so you can custom build the features up to your standards or face different environment.

  • Cons

Among several other types of pop up campers, this one may be the tightest of all. Many features are optional so you may have to spend quite a bit to get your ideal build. The quality of products is not consistent so you may encounter leakage here and there after use this for some time.

Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

A bulky size trailer with a spacious interior, this pop-up camper is suitable for a merry trip. Some of the most modern features can be found in this product such as air conditioner and USB charging port. Other essential commodities such as sink, stove, fridge, water pump, etc. It even has its own ventilation fan and a swing level galley.

Pop-up campers

Forest River – Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Campers

  • Pros

This pop-up camper possesses “Add a room” feature. It’s pretty much an awning that includes another room and connects the campers. The whole space can easily be enclosed in the screen. You can enjoy the nature and fresh air in this trailer but still protect from bugs and harmful elements.

  • Cons

Because of the size, towing this around may prove to be a bit tricky. The manual lifting process may take quite some time. You can opt to have the electric lifter but that is optional. This means you may have to spend more to get your perfect build.

2015 Coleman Pop Up Camper

The manufacturer of this product, Fleetwood, has shut down the camper production line.

This is the last Coleman pop-up camper of Fleetwood before they closed the camper line. While no longer in production, you can still get a used version of this online and it’s still good. A robust design, this trailer can endure even under the harshest weather. Common features can be found on this product include stove, fridge, sink, etc. The sleeping compartment is very spacious as well.  

  • Pros

If you want a basic and cheap pop up camper then this is for you. It can fulfill all the needs of a camping trip. The product is somewhat common on the market as well. With proper maintenance, it can still offer you good experiences.

  • Cons

As mentioned above, the manufacturer has stopped producing this pop-up camper. This means you won’t receive any type of supports or spare parts. Since it’s a used product, you may encounter some trouble operating it.


Surely anyone of us wants to have a comfortable camping trip. And nothing can ensure that better than a suitable pop-up camper. But if you don’t you what you should have then you can get lost easily. You may also get sweet talked into buying unnecessary features. So it’s vital that you know what you want first. By reading through the information above, you can figure out the features that a pop-up campers needs to have. After that, you can go and purchase the best pop up campers for yourself.

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